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At Roof Pros NW, we believe in delivering high-quality roofing contractor services that include high-quality roofing materials. Our Redmond roofers can offer customer satisfaction for both the residential roofing and commercial roofing sectors in Redmond, WA, and they are ready to solve any type of roofing issue, no matter how big or how small.

While each roof proposes its own individual challenges, we are experienced local Redmond roofing contractors and prepared to meet any roofing task head-on. Customers can expect to be treated honestly and fairly from the initial roof inspection to the final finished product. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality roofing services in a timely manner that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Our Redmond roofers can handle many different roof styles and types. Our services include the installation of:

Cedar Shingles: A cedar shingle roof is an energy-efficient option that is both durable and exceptionally beautiful. Cedar shingles, sometimes called shakes, are attractive shingles that age elegantly into a silvery gray color and they are fairly long lasting. In fact, a cedar shingle roof may have more than 10 extra years of life over an asphalt shingle.

Another benefit of cedar is durability, as they are able to withstand mild hurricanes, heavy rains, hail, and severe snowstorms. This organic roofing material provides natural insulation which can help homeowners save on energy bills. Cedar shingles do require regular maintenance to prevent the growth of mold, moss, and mildew, but the benefits generally far outweigh this extra level of care for many homeowners.

If you are interested in learning more about cedar shingles, contact your local Redmond roofing contractors at Roof Pros NW today.

Metal Roofing: A metal roof is often a good choice for homeowners because it is such a long-lasting roofing material. Good-quality metal roofing has been known to last up to 70 years, and it is a highly durable roofing option. It doesn’t corrode or crack, and it can be impact-resistant. It can sustain up to 140 miles per hour wind gusts, and it doesn’t burn or ignite when struck by lightning. You will see the standing seam metal roofing style on many homes in the Northwest.

Metal roofing is a good option for those looking to be more energy efficient as it reflects solar heat and can lower cooling costs substantially. They can also be made from recyclable content. Plus, when the roof life is complete, it can be recycled again, making it a more environmentally conscious choice. Metal may not be the choice for every home as it can be a little noisy during rainstorms, and it can be a little costlier than some of the other options. Yet, it is an excellent choice for many, both new construction and roof replacements.

If you are interested in learning more about cedar metal roofing, contact your local Redmond roofing contractors at Roof Pros NW today.

Composition Shingles: The most common roof type, composition shingles are friendly on the budget and come in a multitude of colors. The construction of the shingle can range from the traditional three-tab style to elaborate designs created to match different architectural styles. Composition shingles are of better quality than a typical asphalt shingle, and they are made from either fiberglass or organic base material.

Shingles are easy to replace, which means certain areas can be patched when needed instead of replacing the entire roof. They are long-lasting, and they can be flame resistant. Many homeowners with composition shingles report decreased energy bills. Plus, this type of shingle is resistant to mold and moss growth.

If you are interested in learning more about composition shingles, contact your local Redmond roofing contractors at Roof Pros NW today.

Flat Roofing Systems: Installing a flat roofing system is often cost-effective due to the materials and labor costs, and a flat roof is usually substantially less than other traditional roof styles. A flat roof also gives extra space for installing air conditioning units or creating outdoor relaxation areas.

A flat roofing system also creates more space in the uppermost floor or attic area. The space that would generally be lost to a sloping roof is restored with a flat roof. Plus, this style of roof is easier to inspect without as much risk of falling. It is more common to see a flat roof on a commercial building than it is for a residential building, but they can be installed for either. Some modern style homes look quite elegant with a flat roofing system.

If you are interested in learning more about flat roofing systems, contact your local Redmond roofing contractors at Roof Pros NW today.

Other Redmond Roofing Services Offered by Roof Pros NW

While roofing builds and roof replacements are our more popular services, we can also offer our expertise in roof repair, maintenance and roof inspections:

Roof Repair: If you have a roof that is in need of repair, our experienced local Redmond roofers are ready to help. We are happy to work on an emergency basis such as to repair sudden roof leaks. It is important to get a roofing contractor onsite right away if you notice a water spot on the ceiling, see water dripping or notice water pooling on the floor.

Roof Pros NW can also help repair a roof after it has sustained storm damage. Things like high winds, hail, and falling tree limbs can cause plenty of damage to your roof, and it should be assessed right away to prevent any injuries or structural damage to your home.

Gutter Replacement: At Roof Pros NW, we have licensed professionals that are experts in gutter replacement. They know how to get the job done correctly the first time! We can offer our customers many different styles and colors of gutters, including beautiful copper gutters.

Our gutter pros are knowledgeable and up to date on all of the city permit requirements, and they have a good working knowledge of the various homeowner’s association guidelines in various neighborhoods.

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Our Redmond roofing contractors are ready to help you with all of your roofing needs. It doesn’t matter which type of roof you are interested in adding to your home, whether it is cedar shingles, metal roofing, composition shingles, or flat roofing systems, Roof Pros NW is there for you. Get the top-quality roofing service you deserve.

We are happy to provide our customers with roof installation, roof repair, waterproofing, roof inspections, installation of gutters, and emergency leak repair. No matter what type of roofing, Roof Pros NW is the Redmond roofing contractor you can trust. Homeowners can choose Roof Pros NW with peace of mind knowing that we are ready to solve your roofing problem.